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Description:Angel Studios About this app Angel Studios is the ultimate destination for groundbreaking shows that are perfect for the whole family, including The Chosen, Dry Bar Comedy, and The Wingfeather Saga. Our mission is to showcase content that is uplifting, inspiring, and suitable for all audiences. What sets Angel Studios apart? • Unique selection process: Our TV shows, movies, and documentaries are handpicked by the audience. Every production needs to be approved by the Angel Guild and funded by fans. This means that you have the power to shape what content comes into your home. • No cost streaming: Enjoy all our shows without any subscription fees. They are 100% free to stream. • Fan ownership: We believe in the power of the fans. The shows you love are owned by the fans themselves. • Independent from Hollywood: Our content is free from the influence of mainstream Hollywood. We offer a fresh and unique perspective. • Emotional storytelling: Our shows aim to make you laugh, cry, and leave you wanting more. We strive to create content that is entertaining, imaginative, educational, and binge-worthy all at once. Why should you download the Angel Studios app? • Versatile streaming options: Watch your favorite shows on your phone, tablet, or cast to your TV for a more immersive experience. • Exclusive content: Access special content only available in our app, such as livestreams, behind-the-scenes footage, podcasts, polls, and a fan-driven feed. You'll get a deeper connection to the shows and their creators. • Merchandise: Explore the gift factory within the app and purchase official merchandise from your favorite shows. • Support future seasons: Through our Pay it Forward feature, you can contribute towards funding future seasons of your preferred shows and help bring more amazing content to life. • Join the Angel Guild: By becoming a member of the Angel Guild, you gain voting rights to determine which shows are produced and are part of the creative process through providing feedback. Download the Angel Studios app now and immerse yourself in a community that truly matters. Start streaming and be inspired by the best in family-friendly entertainment.
HOW TO PLAY:1. Download and install the app: Go to your device's app store (e.g., App Store for iOS devices or Google Play Store for Android devices), search for "Angel Studios," and tap on the app to download and install it. 2. Create an account: Open the app and sign up for a new account. Provide the required information such as your email address and create a password. 3. Explore the content: Once you're logged in, you can browse through the available shows, movies, and documentaries. The homepage will showcase featured content and categories to help you discover what to watch. 4. Select a show: Choose a show you want to watch by tapping on its thumbnail or title. This will open the show's page, where you can find more details, episodes, and related content. 5. Start streaming: Tap on an episode to start streaming it. The video player will appear, allowing you to play, pause, rewind, and adjust the volume. You can also select subtitles or closed captions if available. 6. Discover exclusive content: Explore the app's special features to enhance your viewing experience. These may include livestreams, behind-the-scenes footage, podcasts, polls, and a fan-driven feed. Look for these features within the show's page or in a dedicated section of the app. 7. Purchase merchandise: If you're interested in buying official merchandise from your favorite shows, navigate to the gift factory within the app. Browse through the available merchandise and make your purchase directly from the app. 8. Support future seasons: If you want to contribute towards funding future seasons of your preferred shows, use the Pay it Forward feature. This may involve making a financial contribution or supporting crowdfunding campaigns within the app. 9. Join the Angel Guild: Consider becoming a member of the Angel Guild to gain voting rights and actively participate in the creative process of determining which shows get produced. Look for membership details within the app. 10. Enjoy family-friendly entertainment: Angel Studios aims to provide uplifting, inspiring, and suitable content for all audiences. Stream your favorite shows, be entertained, and connect with a community that shares your interests. Note: Some features and functionalities may be subject to change or vary depending on the app version and device you are using.
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