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ZEPETO: Avatar, Connect & Play

DeveloperNAVER Z Corporation / Naver Z Corporation
OSIOS / Android
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Good App Guaranteed: This app passed the security test for virus,malware and other malicious attacks and doesn't containany theats.
Description:ZEPETO is a virtual world app that allows users to play, explore, and connect with friends in a metaverse environment. With thousands of virtual worlds available, users can discover new interests and engage in K-pop, music, fashion, anime, and role-play among other activities. The app enables users to customize their avatars with an infinite number of options for clothes, accessories, makeup, and more, with user-made items, well-known brands, and luxury styles. Users can also become creators, designing and selling new fashion or lifestyle items in ZEPETO Studio, or building their own games and worlds for other users to enjoy. With new social content uploaded daily, including photos, videos, trends, and events, the app also offers challenges for users to showcase their content for a chance to be featured and win prizes. ZEPETO Premium membership offers exclusive benefits like priority review for created items, monthly ZEM credits, and special items. Join the fun and play the universe with ZEPETO!
HOW TO PLAY:1. Download the ZEPETO app from the App Store or Google Play Store. 2. Create your avatar by customizing your facial features, hairstyle, clothing, and accessories. 3. Explore the virtual world by navigating through various rooms and destinations. You can also use the search bar to find friends and communities to join. 4. Connect with friends by adding them using their usernames or by scanning their ZEPETO codes. Once added, you can chat with them, send gifts, and play together in various games and activities. 5. Enjoy various events and challenges that are regularly updated in the app. Participate in challenges to win prizes and gain recognition within the ZEPETO community. 6. If you're interested in creating content for ZEPETO, you can do so by using ZEPETO Studio. Create your own fashion items, furniture, and even games and share them with others in the community. 7. Lastly, consider upgrading to a ZEPETO Premium membership to unlock exclusive benefits like monthly ZEM credits, priority review for created items, and special items. I hope that helps!
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