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Description:**WhatsApp Business** **About This App:** WhatsApp Business, owned by Meta, allows you to operate your business on WhatsApp, communicate more effectively with customers, and help grow your business. If your business phone number is different from your personal phone number, you can install both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger on your phone and register with different phone numbers. In addition to the features already available in WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business includes: - **Business Profile:** Create a business profile for your business, helping your customers discover valuable information such as your website, location, or contact details. - **Business Messaging Tools:** Send and receive business messages, use away messages when you're unavailable, or use greeting messages to introduce yourself when a customer messages you for the first time, allowing for more proactive customer responses. - **Support for Landline Phone Numbers:** You can use WhatsApp Business with a landline phone number, and your customers can send messages to that number. When verifying the phone number, select the "Call Me" option to receive the verification code via a voice call. - **Use WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business Simultaneously:** You can use WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business on the same phone, but each app must use a different phone number. - **WhatsApp Web:** Efficiently reply to your customers directly from your computer's browser. WhatsApp Business is developed based on WhatsApp Messenger, including all the features you rely on, such as sending media files, free calls*, free international messaging*, group chats, offline messages, and many other features. *Additional mobile data charges may apply for using WhatsApp. Please contact your mobile service provider for more information. **Note:** Once you restore chat backups from WhatsApp Messenger to WhatsApp Business, you will not be able to restore the backup file back to WhatsApp Messenger. If you wish to switch back to WhatsApp Messenger after restoring to WhatsApp Business, we recommend copying and saving the chat backups from WhatsApp Messenger on your phone to your computer before starting to use WhatsApp Business.
HOW TO PLAY:**WhatsApp Business** **User Guide:** **Introduction:** Welcome to WhatsApp Business! This guide will assist you in using the app effectively to manage your business communications on WhatsApp. **Getting Started:** 1. **Download and Installation:** - Visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. - Search for "WhatsApp Business" and download the app. - Install the app on your device. 2. **Registration:** - Open WhatsApp Business. - Register with your business phone number. - Verify your phone number with the code sent via SMS. **Key Features:** 1. **Business Profile:** - Create a business profile with essential information about your business, such as website, location, and contact details. 2. **Business Messaging Tools:** - Utilize away messages and greeting messages to engage with customers even when you're unavailable. 3. **Support for Landline Numbers:** - You can use WhatsApp Business with a landline phone number, enabling customers to message your business directly. 4. **Dual App Usage:** - Use WhatsApp Business alongside WhatsApp Messenger on the same device, each with different phone numbers. 5. **WhatsApp Web:** - Access WhatsApp Business on your computer's web browser for efficient customer communication. **Using the App:** 1. **Business Profile:** - Set up your business profile with accurate and up-to-date information. - Navigate to Settings > Business Tools > Business Profile to create or edit your profile. 2. **Messaging Tools:** - Use away messages to inform customers when you're unavailable. - Customize greeting messages to introduce your business to new customers. 3. **Landline Support:** - Verify your landline number and set it up for receiving messages. - Choose the "Call Me" option to receive the verification code via a voice call. 4. **Dual App Usage:** - Install WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger with different phone numbers for simultaneous usage. 5. **WhatsApp Web:** - Access WhatsApp Business on your computer by scanning the QR code using WhatsApp Web. **Note:** - WhatsApp Business offers additional features tailored for business use while retaining all the functionalities of WhatsApp Messenger. - Ensure you comply with WhatsApp's Business Policy and Terms of Service to avoid any account restrictions. Start using WhatsApp Business today to enhance your business communications and customer engagement!
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