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DeveloperTaurius Petraitis / spinthewheel.app
OSIOS / Android
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Description:Are you struggling to make a decision? Let us help you with our fun and exciting app, "Spin The Wheel - Random Picker"! This app is the ultimate decision-making fortune wheel that allows you to create unlimited custom wheels of fortune. You can add as many custom labels as you want and start spinning away! Whether you need to pick a prize winner, decide what to do, or where to go, this app will make the decision-making process entertaining and enjoyable. Here are some of the amazing features you get for free: 1. Chatrooms: Connect with others who are spinning the same wheel and see their spin results. Share the excitement and engage in conversations with like-minded users. 2. Premade Presets: Choose from a variety of pre-designed spinner wheels to easily create beautiful and customized wheel designs. Save time and effort with our pre-made presets. 3. Wheel Store: Explore our extensive collection of user-made wheels in our wheel store. Find inspiration and discover unique wheel designs that suit your needs. 4. Unlimited Wheels: Create as many wheels of fortune as you want. Whether you have multiple decisions to make or want to create different themed wheels, the options are limitless. 5. Customizable Labels: Personalize each label on the wheel with customizable text and background colors. Choose from a wide range of vibrant colors to make your wheel visually stunning. 6. Share and Save: Easily share your wheels and spin results with friends and family. Let them join the fun and excitement of decision-making through spinning the wheel. 7. Easy Enable/Disable: Quickly enable or disable wheel labels as needed. Modify your wheel on-the-go to suit your preferences and decision-making process. 8. Random Results: Rest assured, every spin will result in a mathematically calculated and random outcome. No matter how hard or easy the wheel is spun, the result will always be fair and unbiased. Whether you're hosting a raffle, having a giveaway, or simply need assistance with decision-making, "Spin The Wheel - Random Picker" app is the perfect tool for you. Download now and make your decision-making process more exciting and enjoyable!
HOW TO PLAY:1. Launch the app: Open the "Spin The Wheel - Random Picker" app on your device. 2. Create a new wheel: Tap on the "New Wheel" button to create a new wheel of fortune. 3. Add labels: Tap on the wheel wedges to add labels. You can add as many labels as you want by tapping on the "+" button. 4. Customize labels: To customize the labels, tap on a label and choose from the options available, such as changing the text, background color, or font style. 5. Configure wheel settings: Tap on the settings icon to configure additional options for your wheel. Here, you can adjust the number of spins, sound effects, and more. 6. Save and name your wheel: Once you're satisfied with your wheel setup, tap on the "Save" button and give your wheel a name. 7. Spin the wheel: To spin the wheel, simply swipe your finger across the screen in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion. The wheel will start spinning and gradually slow down until it lands on a random label. 8. View spin results: After the wheel stops spinning, the selected label will be highlighted, and you can see the result of your spin. 9. Share and save results: If you want to share the spin results with others, you can tap on the share icon to send it via social media, messaging apps, or email. You can also save the results for future reference. 10. Explore different wheel designs: If you're looking for inspiration or want to try out different wheel designs, you can visit the Wheel Store within the app. Here, you'll find various user-made wheels that you can download and use. That's it! You're now ready to play "Spin The Wheel - Random Picker" and enjoy its exciting and entertaining features. Have fun with your decision-making process and may luck be on your side!
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