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Developerduff hl studio
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Description:Hair Clipper: Prank, Scissors, Razor, Fart Sounds is the ultimate app for pulling hilarious pranks on your friends. This app offers a variety of pranks, from hair clipper simulations to fart noises, guaranteed to create laughter and embarrass the prankster. With Hair Clipper: Prank, you can turn your device into a realistic hair clipper. Fool your friends by pretending to give them a haircut with sound effects and vibrations perfectly simulating a real razor. The app even includes a proximity sensor for a more authentic experience. But the fun doesn't stop there! The Barber Shop Hair Cutting Game module allows you to virtually shave and create artistic hairstyles and hair tattoos. Compete with friends to become the Master Barber in this immersive barber simulator. If you're feeling bold, try the Make me Bald Prank feature. This effect will remove your hair and allow you to experiment with different bald hairstyles. Share your hairless selfies on social media and have fun with your friends. In addition to the hair-themed pranks, this app also offers a range of funny noise pranks. From white noise to police sirens, car horns, and burping sounds, there's something for every prankster in this app. For those looking to prank with visuals, the Broken Phone Screen Prank allows you to add cracks and scratches to any photo, fooling people into thinking the screen is damaged. And of course, we can't forget the classic fart noise prank. This app provides various fart sounds, including a sneak attack fart timer and a fart bomb. Schedule a hilarious fart and watch as everyone around you tries to figure out who dealt it. Lastly, the Fake Video Call Prank feature allows you to receive fake calls from celebrities and other suggested pranks. Fool your friends with realistic fake video calls and enjoy the laughter that ensues. To top it all off, there's even a laser pointer simulator game included in this app. Enjoy the mesmerizing laser lights and halos on your mobile phone. Please note that the simulator does not actually emit laser light. With Hair Clipper: Prank, Scissors, Razor, Fart Sounds, you'll have a whole arsenal of pranks at your fingertips. Get ready to create laughter, embarrassment, and unforgettable memories with this entertaining app.
HOW TO PLAY:1. Install the app from your app store. 2. Open the app and swipe to navigate between the different prank options. 3. For the Hair Clipper prank, tap on the image of the hair clipper on the screen to activate the sounds and vibrations. To simulate a realistic haircut experience, use the proximity sensor by holding the phone close to your friend's head. 4. For the Barber Shop Hair Cutting Game, follow the instructions to create artistic hairstyles and hair tattoos on virtual models. Compete with friends to become the Master Barber. 5. To activate the Make Me Bald prank, tap on the Bald icon and select a bald hairstyle to apply to your photo. 6. For the noise pranks, simply tap on the image of the noise you want to play, such as a fart sound or a police siren. 7. To use the Broken Phone Screen Prank, select a photo from your gallery and follow the instructions to add cracks and scratches to the screen. 8. To schedule a fake fart sound, use the Sneak Attack Fart Timer or the Fart Bomb feature to select a time and sound for the prank to play. 9. For the Fake Video Call Prank, select the celebrity or scenario you want to simulate and follow the instructions on the screen. 10. Lastly, enjoy the mesmerizing laser lights and halos in the laser pointer simulator game included in the app. Have fun pranking your friends with Hair Clipper: Prank, Scissors, Razor, Fart Sounds!
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