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Good App Guaranteed: This app passed the security test for virus,malware and other malicious attacks and doesn't containany theats.
Description:Firefox Browser: Fast, Private & Safe Web Browser About This App Introducing the new Firefox browser for Android – Firefox Daylight. This version represents a significant redesign of the Firefox web browser, offering faster speeds, ease of use, customizability, and private mode. Firefox comes with Enhanced Tracking Protection by default, blocking thousands of annoying ad trackers and malware, ensuring a safer and faster browsing experience. Firefox is also the only major browser backed by a non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting an open and transparent internet, empowering users to control their online lives. Download the Firefox browser for Android now and embrace the open internet future. Fast. Private. Secure. The Firefox browser for Android loads pages quickly and offers effortless privacy protection. Enhanced Tracking Protection automatically blocks over 2000 online trackers, safeguarding your privacy and preventing page slowdowns. Firefox’s clean and simple design helps you accomplish more in less time. Built-in smart browsing features allow you to carry your private information, passwords, and bookmarks securely. One-Tap Private Mode With just one tap, enter private browsing mode. Your private browsing history is automatically erased when you close the mode. Customize Your Search Style Move the search bar to the top or bottom of your screen. With Firefox, you can choose how you search and decide how much personal data you share. Customizable Enhanced Tracking Protection settings give you full control over your personal data. You can also choose your preferred search engine and set Firefox as your default browser. Enable Dark Mode Switch to dark mode at any time to give your eyes and battery a break. Collections Open as many tabs as you want and organize them into Collections, which can be shared across devices. This way, you can continue your tasks no matter where you are or which device you are using. Add-Ons Support Enjoy full support for popular add-ons that enhance the powerful default privacy settings and create a personalized browsing experience. Seamless Browsing Across Devices Switch from Firefox on your Android phone to Firefox on your laptop seamlessly. With Firefox Sync, you can carry your bookmarks, saved logins, and browsing history with you. Firefox remembers your passwords across devices, so you don’t have to. Instantly send open tabs between your phone and computer to avoid emailing yourself articles to read later. FIREFOX Search Widget Search the web directly from your device’s home screen without opening the app. Add the Firefox browser search widget to your Android home screen for instant search results. Picture-in-Picture Mode Watch videos while doing other tasks on your phone. Open and pop out a video to play in the background, allowing you to multitask on the same screen. Download Firefox for Android today to experience a faster, more private, and more secure browsing experience.
HOW TO PLAY:### Firefox: The People-First Browser Backed by a Non-Profit #### Description: Experience a new era in tech with Firefox, the browser that prioritizes people over profits. Say goodbye to giant, profit-driven tech companies and embrace independent, ethical technology that respects your privacy and empowers you to customize your internet experience. Available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, Firefox is your gateway to a more open and accessible internet. #### Backed by the Mozilla Foundation: Firefox is proudly supported by the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, dedicated to ensuring that the internet remains a global public resource accessible to all. By choosing Firefox, you're not just getting a browser – you're joining a diverse community committed to shaping the future of the internet. #### Privacy First: At Firefox, we believe in putting people first, and that starts with prioritizing your privacy. Since our inception in 2004, privacy has been at the forefront of everything we do. Our commitment to valuing people over profits means that privacy is not just a feature – it's a fundamental principle. #### Seamless Cross-Device Experience: With Firefox, your browsing experience seamlessly transitions across devices. Start a search on your laptop and pick it up on your phone, or vice versa. Your Firefox homepage keeps track of your recent searches across devices, ensuring you never lose your train of thought. #### Limited-Edition Wallpapers: Express your style with limited-edition wallpapers from independent creators. Whether you stick with a favorite or switch it up to match your mood, Firefox lets you personalize your browsing experience like never before. #### Streamlined Home Screen: Get back to what matters with Firefox's streamlined home screen. Your open tabs are intuitively grouped and displayed alongside recent bookmarks, top sites, and popular articles recommended by Pocket. #### Privacy Control Everywhere: Firefox gives you unparalleled privacy protection while browsing the web. By default, we block trackers and scripts, including social media trackers, cross-site cookie trackers, cryptominers, and fingerprinters. With Enhanced Tracking Protection set to strict, tracking content is blocked in all windows, ensuring your privacy is always safeguarded. #### Get Firefox Everywhere: Add Firefox across all your devices for secure, seamless browsing. Synced tabs and searches make it easy to pick up where you left off, while password management is simplified with Firefox remembering your passwords across devices. #### Fast Search with Firefox's Search Bar: Quickly find what you need with Firefox's search bar, which provides search suggestions and access to your most visited sites. Type in your search query and get instant results from your favorite search engines. #### Organize Your Tabs Your Way: Create and manage tabs effortlessly with Firefox's intuitive tab management features. Whether you prefer thumbnails or numbered tabs, Firefox makes it easy to organize and navigate your browsing sessions. #### Share Anything with Ease: Sharing links to web pages or specific items has never been easier with Firefox. With quick access to your most recently used apps, sharing content from the web is just a few taps away.
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