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DeveloperLara Pollar
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Good App Guaranteed: This app passed the security test for virus,malware and other malicious attacks and doesn't containany theats.
Description:Calculator Vault is an intuitive and robust privacy protection application designed to safeguard your sensitive content, including photos, videos, audios, and files. Safety Rest assured, Calculator Vault prioritizes your privacy. It neither collects nor transmits your private data, ensuring your information remains secure. Even in offline mode, the app functions seamlessly. In instances of online synchronization, your data is directly encrypted and synchronized with your Google Cloud account, eliminating any potential security concerns. Disguise Calculator: The entire application cleverly disguises itself as a sleek and ordinary calculator. Its interface seamlessly integrates with the appearance of a standard calculator app, concealing the fact that there's a hidden space beneath the surface. If you forgot the password and security questions Disguise Disabled: After multiple incorrect password attempts, the verification page will display a change password icon. Simply click the icon to access the help page. Disguise Enabled: Long-press "=" to enter the password modification page. On this page, click the help icon to access the help page and regain access to your secured content.
HOW TO PLAY:Welcome to Calculator Vault, your go-to app for discreetly securing and protecting your private photos, videos, audios, and files. Follow this simple guide to make the most out of the app's features: ### Setting Up: 1. **Installation:** - Download and install Calculator Vault from the app store. 2. **Initial Setup:** - Launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your secure space. ### Using Calculator Vault: 1. **Basic Operation:** - The main interface resembles a fully functional calculator. Perform regular calculations to maintain the app's covert appearance. 2. **Adding Files:** - To hide files, tap the "+” button or use the designated file import option. - Select the files you want to protect and confirm the action. 3. **Viewing Hidden Files:** - Access your hidden files by tapping on specific buttons or gestures within the calculator interface. 4. **Disguise Feature:** - Enable disguise mode for added security. - Long-press the "=" button to access the password modification page. - Click the help icon on this page to navigate to the help page for assistance if you forget your password. 5. **Password Recovery:** - If disguise mode is disabled, after multiple incorrect attempts, a change password icon will appear on the verification page. - Click the icon to enter the help page for assistance. 6. **Online Synchronization:** - Connect your app to your Google Cloud account for online synchronization. - Your data will be securely stored in the cloud, ensuring seamless access across devices. ### Safety and Privacy: 1. **Data Security:** - Calculator Vault does not collect or transmit your private data. - The app functions normally even when offline. 2. **Online Security:** - When online synchronization is enabled, your data is directly synchronized to your Google Cloud account, ensuring data security. 3. **Network Independence:** - The app remains fully functional even when the network is disconnected. ### Troubleshooting: 1. **Forgot Password:** - Follow the steps mentioned in the app for password recovery. - If disguise is enabled, long-press "=" to access the password modification page and click the help icon. 2. **Technical Support:** - For further assistance, visit the help page within the app or contact our support team. Calculator Vault is designed to provide a seamless and secure experience for safeguarding your private content. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your sensitive files are protected behind the disguise of a calculator.
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